Prospect Hall Amenities
Prospect Hall: A Private Hunting & Shooting Club

Prospect Hall is a private hunting and shooting club that encourages youth and families and their guests to enjoy America's greatest tradition together, from initiation shooting sports to the expert wing shooter. We are dedicated to sustaining a membership level that is designed to avoid overcrowding and undue difficulty in booking activities. We also strive to make one's experience comfortably convenient and every member to enjoy a private getaway. The Club is open all year, seven days a week, and a light is always on in the window.


Upland Style Hunts:
Prospect Hall specializes in upland style bird hunts September 1 through April 30. These hunts are guided, permitting us to cater to the inexperienced, as well as the experienced hunter. Our intensely managed game habitat is made up of various all-natural covers such as grain fields, grasses, thickets, fence rows and forested ravines. Members, with their own dogs, are permitted and encouraged to bring them on a hunt. We stock only the highest quality quail, pheasant and the exotic chukar and Hungarian partridge. This provides large numbers of hard flying game birds for the hunting enjoyment of our members and their guests. *A hunting license is required and can be purchased from our office or online: Complete bird dressing and packaging is provided.


The Continental: (European Style Shooting)
Another release bird shoot is offered to members and their guests: placing twelve to twenty-four hunters in blinds in a large circle around a hill. From the top of the hill pheasants, chukars and Huns are released. Many of the birds will circle over the blinds and provide action for more than one blind. Following the release of several clutches of birds the hunters are rotated around the circle of blinds. The shot variety afforded in this event is infinite.


Rifle and Pistol Area:

We have up to a 600 yard rifle range where you can sight in your rifle of choice for your next big-game hunt.


Clay Target Shooting:
The popularity of sporting clays in the United States has grown enormously in recent years. It provides fun and competition to any level of shooter. Sporting clays let one experience simulated hunting shots like pheasant, quail, grouse, duck, and rabbit. The course is considered challenging and undergoes regular changes by staff so as to maintain that challenge. It is made up of 24 stations and is majestically laid out in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. One can walk or ride a cart around the course. Sporting clays is a great way to spend quality time with friends, family, and business associates. We also have a "Crazy Teal" clay target game that has consistently challenged some of the sport's best shooters, together with the traditional skeet and trap fields. Our skeet field can shoot both International Skeet or Traditional/American Skeet. The trap field can shoot ATA or Double Trap.

1. Trap
2. Skeet
3. ZZ Birds/Helice
4. Crazy Teal
5. Grouse Butt
6. 5-Stand
7. Sporting Clays
8. Tower
9. Wobble Trap
10. Cater to any request

Prospect Hall Shooting Club, Main House
SAFETY is our #1 Priority

The safety of our members and their guests is of constant concern. Shooters at all times are accompanied by staff who are always conscious of guns safety. Safety rules are prominently posted and verbal reminders are given before all events and activities.

Range Rules & Safety Regulations

1. Eye & Ear Protection must be worn by everyone
2. Shot sizes are limited to a maximum of No. 7 1/2
3. No more than two shells should be loaded at any given time.
4. An experienced shooter must accompany novice shooters at all times.
5. Guns must be unloaded and the actions kept open at all times except when a shooter is on a firing station. Loading is permitted only when a shooter is turned to shoot.
6. Break action shotguns may be closed for storage in a gun case or rack, but must be opened immediately upon removal from the rack or case.
7. No one is allowed past the firing line or the forward most position at any time while the field is in use.
8. In the event of a malfunction, when a live round remains in the gun, the shooter must keep the gun pointed in a safe direction and seek assistance. All shooting on the affected field ceases until the condition has been corrected.
9. In case of a hang fire or a misfire do not open gun for 30 seconds.
10. The practice of tracking targets with an unloaded gun is prohibited, unless the shooter is on a station ready to shoot.

*Shooting Waiver


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